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LTM4646, LTM4622 and LT3070 Schematic help review

Hi there,

we newly import LTM4646, LTM4622 and LT3070 into our project for the frst time. To be careful, we would like to ask for asisting review. Insight of LT/ADI expert will be appreciated. .

SCH as PDF attached, and Load conditions are text-noted nearby the output port of IC. Thanks very much!


  • LT3070 schematic looks good. But since the differential voltage between Vin and Vout is 0.1V, the PSRR is relatively low. See page 9 for details.

  • Hi Molly, thanks for point out this PSRR issue. As load current of 3070 is 4.16A,we choose 0.1V to minimize the power loss on LDO, seems that we do not have much choices.

    By the way, what is the ADI's definition of the  page 9 " IN Pin Ripple Rejection" ? I thought the PSRR is usually 20og(△Vout/△Vin), which represnts the rejection effect for ripple on Vin.


    PS: I guess you are in charge of LT3070. Should I post this LTM4646 and LTM4622 sch to other section of forum so the corresponding ADI expert could see them?

  • Yes. I'm in charge of LT3070. Applications engineer who supports LTM4646 and LTM4622 should be able to see the post as well.

    The PSRR curves on page 9 plot the PSRR under different differential voltage between Vin and Vout, and at different load condition.  Chose the right one for your application.