INJECTOR Single Port PSE Controller, with DC/DC Converter NOT Isolated

Hi, i have design an Injector with LTC4279.

The Main Supply is Isolated From Netz with normal and regular Toroidal Transformer.

While the secondary DC/DC converter for have the 55 V Out for Injector Type1, Type2, LTPoE++...., isn't isolated, it's a normal Boost converter with choke.

It can be a proper PoE installation ???                  (Attach the drawing)

Injector PSE Controller With dc-dc Not Isolated.PDF


Thank you

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 29, 2019 11:20 PM

    Since you are using the LTC4279 I suggest referring to the IEEE 802.3at standard for isolation requirements.

    Per the IEEE 802.3at - PDs and PSEs shall provide isolation between all accessible external conductors, including frame ground (if any), and all MDI leads.  Refer to the IEEE 802.3at and IEC 60950-1:2001 standards to read on for further details.  You may also refer to the IEEE 802.3bt and IEC 62368-1 for the latest standards. 

    Where you connect your ground after the transformer in your schematic factor in whether your PoE supply will require additional isolation.