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ADP2303 LTspice model

Does the spice model of the ADP2303 operate in a inverting buck-boost application?

I used the ADP230x BuckBostInvert spread sheet to design a simple 5 V to -12 V power supply. 

To test some input and output filters I wanted to run some simulation in LTspice. I opened the ADP2303 test jig and modified it to match the inverting buck-boost design above.

When I run this simulation the switcher never comes into regulation. The FB input voltage rises to about 900 mV above the GND pin (the output voltage). The output voltage rises about -13.5 V after 30 ms, with no signs of stopping. 

I suspect the model may not support the inverting buck-boost topology. Can anyone confirm if it does or does not work in this mode? Or, if you you spot an error in my LTspice circuit, please let me know.


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