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PSSR Ratios of Following Devices

Hello to all!

I'm an electrican engineering student and working on a PSU at the moment. It's gonna be used on the electrical music instruments. So i need to eleminate all the noise and ripple at the output as much as possible. After switching sources, i want to use LDOs for that purpose. Here is some info about my rails ;

1st Rail;

Input: 12.7V (500kHz) Output: 12V 2.5A Device: LT1764A

2nd Rail;

Input: -13V (500kHz) Output: -12V 2.5A Device: LT1185

3rd Rail;

Input: 5V (500kHz) Output: 5V 1A Device: LT1965


How can i find out the PSSR values for these operation conditions? I wanted to increase switching frequency to 2MHz to minimize output ripple before LDOs, but PSSR charts in the datasheets don't show the rejection values over 1MHz range. 

Thank you in advance.