Simulating ADP5090 in ADIsimPE


I am trying to simulate ADP5090 in ADIsimPE. 

The design is made from the datasheet examples, but instead of receiving an output of 3.5 V on the SYS pin. The output gets up to 7.5 V no matter how I change the resistor values. 

The boost converter should be turning off whenever the SYS pin becomes larger than the specified voltage given by RTERM1 and RTERM2, but this does not seem to happen.

It looks like the cold start-up circuit works since the SYS voltage goes up to 1.8 V slowly and then increases rapidly MAYBE using the higher efficiency boost converter to 7.5 V.

I cant seem to find the error in the simulation design, can someone see what I'm doing wrong?   (C4 = 100uF)


Best regards

Simon Hansen