ADP1074 Maximum Frequency

We wish to use this device in a product where we need to switch at 625 kHz. The datasheet only states a "programmable frequency range" of 50 to 600 kHz, while the sync frequency can be +/- 10% of the programmed frequency.

AN-1454 states: "The maximum programmable frequency using the RT pin is 600 kHz. However, using the SYNC pin, the frequency can be increased to 1 MHz.". However, further on, there is a note: "The synchronization frequency present on the SYNC pin needs to be within ±10% of the frequency set using the RT pin". 

Is it within spec to program the ADP1074 to run at 600 kHz, then sync it up to 625 kHz?

Found AN-1454 after posting the question
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