I am working on a new design. The main power supply can be either 12V or 5V, and I am looking for a LDO to supply 3V (fixed) to power my RF LNA circuitry. The current consumption is low, under 50 mA. I am looking for good PSRR to minimize the noise contribution from the power source onto my LNA circuitry.

High power efficiency and small footprint are also critical.

Can you please recommend which LDO series works best for this application.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 20, 2019 1:57 PM


    For RF applications, I suggest you use ADM715x/ADP715x RF LDOs with high PSRR and ultralow noise performance. ADM7154 is a recommended LDO for your application with the following characteristic performance:

    • PSRR:
      • 90 dB (200 Hz to 200 kHz);
      • 58 dB (1 MHz)
    • Total Integrated RMS Noise:
      • 0.9 µV rms (100 Hz to 100 kHz)
      • 1.6 µV rms (10 Hz to 100 kHz)

    The ADM7154 is available at 3.0V fixed VOUT and packaged in 8-lead, 3 mm × 3 mm LFCSP making it a very compact solution. Also, using the available 5V power supply of your circuit for ADM7154 is recommended to minimize power losses.