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ADP1055 Sofware and ADP1055-EVALZ Ref. Design (Full Wave Bridge Rectifier)


I would like why ADP1055 Sofware support only centre-tapped transformer and 2xMOSFET Full Wave Rectifier on secondary side?
Why I can not select transformer without centre-tap with 4x Mosfet Full Wave Bridge Rectifier (FWBR)?
Moreover ... it`s surprising that ADP1055-EVALZ use exactly FWBR!

Any additional design resources available for ADP1055?
Step-by-step design examples, LTSpice models, etc...

Unfortunately, there is a feeling that ADP1055 have a poor design support.

Also I can not find schematic for ADP1055-EVALZ "Auxiliary Power Board"

-- Regards,


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  • Hello

    Dear Turkboy88

    Could you point me, please to good resources (books, app. notes, etc.) for Full bridge, Center tapped or current doubler structures (pros and cons)

    I would like design 18Vin to 12Vout 500W PSFB with ADP1055 and currently mess with rectifying structures. Planar transformers will be used. Vin can be changed to 

    Some other magic... no idea how it`s work... I have a non-working standard DC/DC from Cal-ex and I there no any output inductors after synchronous rectifier. I`t a big puzzle for me, because all known structures have a output inductor...

    Could you help me, please?

    -- Regards, Victor

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