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LTC3536 best choice for application?

I have an application that needs a 3.3 V output with an input range over 2.4 V to 5.1 V.  The device will operate in two modes: low power ~ 10 mA or less most of the time and high power infrequent pules of up to 0.5 A.  Is the LTC3536 the best choice for the job?  Would you switch from "Burst Mode" to driving it with an oscillator for high power mode?  Parts and frequency recommendations?

  • Hi,

    LTC3536 should work fine for the operating range 2.4V-3.3V input to 3.3V output and 0.5A load. You have to manually control the MODE pin depending upon the load for higher efficiency . At light load the mode should be pulled high for burst mode and when the load is high it should be pulled low for PWM mode.


    You can also refer few other parts depending upon you load requirements and application.

    LTC3114-1 should also work fine for the operating range and it doesn’t require a manual control of Mode pin for Burst mode to PWM mode. If Mode pin is low, it operates in Burst mode for better efficiency and as the load increases it automatically transitions to PWM pin.

    Another part which has auto Burst to PWM transition is LTC3130. It should also work for the operating range 2.4V-3.3V input to 3.3V output however it can have load of 0.5A only for Vin greater than 3.3V. For boost mode i.e. when 2.4V<Vin < 3.3V, max load possible will be less than 0.5A.