LTC3108 for small scale electromagnetic generator

Hello, I'm building a small scale vibration energy harvester made up of coils and magnets (electromagnetic generator). The generator currently produces an output in the range of 0-300mV AC. I was wondering whether the LTC3108 will be suitable for this application for the purpose of boosting the voltage up to a usable amount to charge a supercapacitor or a battery.

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    on Feb 8, 2019 8:35 PM


    You should be able to harvest energy using LTC3108 from an input source of 0-300mV. If the source is AC the LTC3109 could also be an option as it can work with either polarity. However, since your source is a generator, you have to keep in mind the source resistance due to coils which might be quite high wrt to the input resistance of LTC3108 (it is around 2-3 ohms). The source resistance should be matched or can be lower than the input resistance of the LTC3108 for maximum output power.   

    The datasheets have few typical application examples on battery charging  and supercap charging which you might refer.


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    The source resistance is measured at 6 ohms. I've had a look at the data sheet of both LTC3108 and LTC3109 and both mention input resistance in the range of 2 ohms to 10 ohms, so would that be okay then?


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