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lt3791-1 I want to know the difference between input voltage and output voltage when boosting.

A step-down and step-up circuit was constructed using the LT3791-1.
The output current up to 2A worked well without any problems.
However, when the input voltage and current are supplied at 12V / 10A,
If the output voltage and current are more than 24V / 3A, it will not operate normally.
This seems to be related to the output current.
Since the input power is used as the battery, the end voltage must be output to 8V.
If the output voltage and current are set to 24V / 3A and the input voltage is lowered to 12V or less (12.5V or less), operation (blinking on LED lamp load) should be done.

Question 1.
Is there input and output voltage and power limit in boost operation?

Question 2.
Does the input voltage of the 120 W step-up and step-down circuit in the LT3791-1 data sheet mean 12 V, which means that inputs below 12 V are not possible on the same output?

Question 3.
If so, which part of the data sheet can you identify and verify the operating conditions above the power difference between input and output?

Thank you.