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Output overvoltage protection for LTM4622 and LTM4626


The customer face the output overvoltage issue of Enpirion EN2340. He said that the input and output were shorted and the load device was taken damage by the high voltage due to without the output overvoltage protection of EN2340.

So I'll propose LTM4622 and LTM4626 to the customer but I'm not sure that they have the output overvoltage protection. Regarding my experience, when the higher voltage hit on the output, VFB reach the higher voltage beyond the threshold level of OVP and the switching will stop. But I don't recognize only reading their data sheet.



  • Hiroyuki

    LTM4622 and LTM4626 when experiencing output OV would sink current up to ~2A to try put the output back to regulation. In case that there is a constant source that is supplying the OV condition and the source is capable of providing 2A the output will remain at OV. In conditions that the output is greater than the input , the output would pull the input thru the body diode of the FET and if it goes above 22.5V the Vin protection would take over.