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LT4363 & LT4356 : Mos and Rsense


I can't figure out what's the benefit between this. ( LT4363 & LT4356 : Mos and Rsense )

Why LT4363 change the location, Mos in front of Rsense.

Does there any benefit on it?

Please kindly help with this.

Thanks a lot !

  • Hi Snow.Hung,

    The LTC 4363 with Rsense moved on the downstream of Mos enables current limit functionality even in case of high voltage surges (greater than 100V) whereas in case of LTC 4356 , the Vcc and Sns pins have abs. max of 100V and in case of high voltage surges (like 250 V in load dump scenario) , these pins need to be clamped by a TVS , thus current limit feature cannot be used.

    In summary , LTC 4363 provides high voltage surge stopper along with current limit feature , whereas  LTC 4356 current limit can be used for surges less than 100 V. 
    Hope this helps!

  •  Hello, are there any other differences (i.e. tradeoffs) between the two. If I will never have a surge over 100V, how do I decide?