Looking for externally powered ideal diode controller

Searching for an ideal diode controller.

I have found a number of parts that have some but not all of my requirements and was wondering if anyone has used something in this realm before.


  • -10V to 60V common mode tolerance on Anode/Cathode (differential voltage is <2V)
  • External power supply to power IC (0-10V) eg. does not just take power from one side of FET
  • Drives external FET
  • As small of a package as possible

These candidates were close but did not have everything desired

  • LTC4359 Tested and cannot separate "IN" from "SOURCE" pin at low voltages and operate correctly
  • LTC4364 Also tested and will not operate FET if "SOURCE" pin is <4V
  • LTC4357 Tested and cannot turn on FET when "IN" <4V
  • There are many more candidates that are seemingly good, but do not have the voltage tolerance that is required.

The nuclear option is to essentially make the circuit myself (comparator + fet driver), however I would not like to reinvent the wheel especially since this solution would have more passives.

Any help much appreciated.

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