I have a few questions about switching voltage stabilizer

  • I have a few questions about  switching voltage stabilizer,the explanation given on the website is not very clear.


    1.What is the difference between the switching voltage regulator and the switching controller of  your company?What is the difference between the internal switching power boost and the external switching power boost that it defines?

    2. What is SEPIC voltage stabilizer and what is the difference between it and booster voltage stabilizer?

    3. I want to apply reverse voltage to the avalanche diode with breakdown voltage of 120v-200v, and ltc3862-1 is used to provide reverse bias, is that ok?Or do you have any other Suggestions for the APD power supply of 120-200v?

    4. If I do not use the ltc3862-1 chip, is it ok to use two LT3571 series power supply?Is there anything I should pay attention to?

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