Synchronizing multiple uModules

I am using the following uModules in my design: two of LTM4678, LTM4677, LTM4676, and an LTM4686.  I plan to synchronize all at 500KHz and spread the phases to relieve the instantaneous current requirements on their common 12V input source.  I plan to use one SYNC as output from one LTM4678 to drive the other SYNC inputs (SYNC output disabled on these). SYNC has  4.7K pullup, and all SHARE_CLK pins are tied together and SHARE_CLK has a 10K pullup.   I this the correct way to do this?  I have read the datasheets a few times, and looked at the eval board design.  I need this to work first time (like who doesn't)!

Thank You for any insight you can provide.