100V with LT8361

Hello All.

I am trying to generate 100V with LT8361 and was looking into the circuits and design recommendations. I simulated the circuit given on page number 23 under "450kHz, 5V to 60V Input, 80V Boost Converter", using LTSpice. It generates 80 Volts only when I provide 60V at input. If I decrease the input voltage that is 12 it shows around 40V in simulation. After reading the datasheet I was assuming that output voltage is going to stay static, regardless of input voltage variation but simulation says output voltage will vary with input voltage even if it is in range. My input voltage is only 12V. Is it correct that I can not generate 100V with LT8361 having 12V at input? Thanks in advance.

A. 80V generation with 12 Volt

B. 80V generation with 60V

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