Will LT4275 be supportive for PSE switches other than linear make?


I have been working with power over ethernet project and using PD -LT4275. Tested PD board with PSE - 1815A-D and is working well. I would like to know whether the PD will support of other PSE like cisco pse switch. Or LT4275 will works only compatible with linear PSE. I configured the PD such that it works in LTPOE++ mode.

Please let me know.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 21, 2018 11:36 PM

    LT4275-based LTPoE++ PDs are designed to work at full power with LTPoE++ PSEs. LTPoE++ uses a physical layer, 3-event classification to negotiate power. LT4275’s T2P pin signals to the system the power allocated by the PSE, either IEEE 802.3af (13W), IEEE 802.3at (25.5W), or LTPoE++. Non-LTPoE++, IEEE 802.3at PSEs should treat an LTPoE++ PD as an IEEE 802.3at PD. LTPOE++ PDs will be powered and appear remarkably similar to IEEE 802.3bt PDs. However, LTPoE++ PDs will be granted 15-30% less power than they requested (the IEEE 802.3bt class power levels are lower than LTPoE++ power levels).


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