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+-5 from single +5

can you suggest any way to produce +-5 from +5.
I need it for one 4ch differential signal summer op-amp plus salen-key filter op-amp.

Is there any DC/DC converter or something in ADI that doing this?

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  • Hi, thanks.

    I think these are crowded and complex circuit, I have found LTC1174 can do my job it can give me -4.7 from 5v.

    I think TI is much clearer in categorizing their power supply, specially I didn't see anything like split-rail in ADI.

    But finally I've found LT1617.Thanks for TI approached me to search among inverting.

    This is satisfied me for this -5v but what if I wanting -3.3 or -1.8 ????update: fortunately LT1417 have bias network for setting these voltages.

    Best regards. good luck.