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+-5 from single +5

can you suggest any way to produce +-5 from +5.
I need it for one 4ch differential signal summer op-amp plus salen-key filter op-amp.

Is there any DC/DC converter or something in ADI that doing this?

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  • Hi, thanks.

    I think these are crowded and complex circuit, I have found LTC1174 can do my job it can give me -4.7 from 5v.

    I think TI is much clearer in categorizing their power supply, specially I didn't see anything like split-rail in ADI.

    But finally I've found LT1617.Thanks for TI approached me to search among inverting.

    This is satisfied me for this -5v but what if I wanting -3.3 or -1.8 ????update: fortunately LT1417 have bias network for setting these voltages.

    Best regards. good luck.

  • Check out LT3471 and LT8582.

  • Hi,

    Sorry I misunderstood your requirement to be a dual-output +5 and -5V but you need only one. Another good recommendation would be ADP5073/74/75 depending on your output current requirement.  These ADP-series will require only 1 inductor (simpler design).

    In ADI website, these "inverting regulators" category can also be accessed easily through Produts>Power Management>Switching Regulators.

  • I'm sorry more because of bad explanation, and thanks, although ADP5075 need two more component but is cheaper, and I think it's design is slightly harder.

    But if there was comparison for their voltage flatness and noise creation performance, max current on switching, that would be good measuring stick for us.

    I couldn't find these two ADP5075 and LT6167 in first look, maybe it was my first try, but good company will also care about beginners.

    Can you tell me about their architecture differences?

  • The ADP5075 is based on a single-inductor typical buck-boost inverting converter while the LT1617 is based on cuk converter two-inductor, one coupling cap. LT1617 requires two more components but output noise performance is better.