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LTC4380 Surge stopper ISO7637 Test


I want to use this circuit for 12Vdc input. I simulate same circuit as Figure 8 in LTSpice. But i have some questions.

1. When i apply reverse voltage, output goes below nearly -6V and after 10msec it goes to 0V as we expected. I use same M1 mosfet in reference design. Does it work for reverse polarity case?


2. Also another problem is applyiny ISO7637-2 Pulse1 test. Input goes to -150V. In this case, Vds of M1 goes to 150V but in reference design you used 100Vds breakdown Mosfet. Does it work for ISO7637-2 Pulse1 case?

3. In your reference design, it complies with ISO7637 and ISO16750 but i see some problems in reversed voltage cases.

4. Could you please send the schematic of this circuit?

5. If we dont use thermistor circuit to control ON pin, does it any problem occur during the tests?

I am looking forward to your reply asap.


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