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LTC7840 and the DC2744 demo board


I have an application that it appears the LTC7840 would work well for.

LTC7840 Data Sheet

I have a supply of 5.5V to 32Vdc and need an output of 280V.    Using the 7840 as a two stage with the first stage handling the wide input range and the second stage handing the large step-up seems like a solid plan.   ADI has a demo board (DC2744) that demonstrates this. 

DC2744 Link

The differences are:

1) The DC2744 does 9 to 36V input.  I need to get down to at least 6V input.

2) The DC2744 output is 240V and I need 280V.

3) On the bright side I need only 200mA and the DC2744 provides 700mA. 

What do I need to do to get the DC2744 to work down to 6V instead of 9V?