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Can I use two LTC4355 Ideal Diode-OR chips with LiFePO4 batteries?


We're currently working on a design where it looks like the LTC4355 is the best choice to allow us to parallel 2 LiFePO4 25V batteries.  The max current will be approximately 52A

so I figured this chip is the best choice since it uses N-ch mosfets and the Rd(on) is lower than a P-ch alternative.  But then I realized that the battery voltage isn't constant so will it work if I parallel two of the batteries?  Fully charged they're around 26V but when one is supplying the load the output voltage will drop to 24V.  Will this cause the chip to oscillate between the two batteries? 

Is there a better choice for my application than the LTC4355?

Thanks in advance,