Dear Analog/LT team, I'm in dire need of a little help.

I've read the data sheet of the LTM4653 over and over again and I am still not sure, why this is happening exactly:


Under some strange conditions the LTM just bursts in flames. My input voltage is 53V and there is no load (besides some caps) in the moment of ignition. I tried to reproduce the error with the dev board and it worked (as you can see in the picture). I modified the dev board to match my own schematic, so EXTV is supplied by a separate power source and the enable pin is controlled externally as well:

So when the external 5V are missing (I think this was the cause) and the RUN has low level the LTM dies in an spectacular explosion which is kind of impractical for my use case. The data sheet states that the LTM will derive its internal voltage if there is no external supplied and switches over automatically.

"EXTVCC (F3): External Bias, Auxiliary Input to the INTVCC Regulator. When EXTVCC exceeds 3.2V and SVIN exceeds 5V, the INTVCC LDO derives power from EXTVCC bias instead of the SVIN path."

But there seems to be either something wrong or I'm doing something not exactly right (which is more likely in my opinion).  I've attached some more photos of the broken µModule and the PCB underneath if that helps someone determine the cause. It's hard to measure things because every time the LTM dies it costs me 15€.... So I would really appreciate it if an applications engineer could help me finding the error...

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