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Can LTM4653 be used in Constant Current mode?


I'm interested is there a way to use LTM4653 in constant curren mode?  would need to convert unregulated 30-50VDC  to current regulated  0..4A with Vout Max 5V.

LTM4653 seems to be ideal except it has no current limit  or CC regulation pin. Wandering is there any way to use it such mode?

  • >In addition, the output of the LTM4653 can track a voltage

    >applied between the ISETa pin and the SGND pins. (See

    >the Applications Information section.)
    So if you know your load impedance or measure the current you can control the voltage of the LTM4653 to achieve your desired current flow. Additionally you can use the resistance from IMONa (C2) to ground to set a current limit.
    >If IMONa ever exceeds a trip threshold of approximately 2V, an IMON control loop servos VOUT
    >to decrease power inductor current and thus regulate IMONa at 2V. In this
    >manner, the average current limit inception threshold of the LTM4653 can be configured.
    Depending on your application this could maybe work as well wheter the +/-5% accuracy are ok with you.