LT8330 at 8v-40v -/+15V - Suitable to source Op Amp on dac's output circuit?

Hi , im needing to use a +/- Source to energize dac's output circuit as purposed in LTC1666 (page 15), My idea is to use LT8330 AT 8-40V TO +/- 15. Is this integrated circuit suitable for this application? Any available recommendation is welcome.


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  • The LT8330 makes a good positive and negative output DC-DC converter for signal processing circuits, especially since the LT8330 is designed to be efficient even at light loads.  The positive and negative idea can apply to the other inverting converter circuits shown in the LT8330 datasheet - I show those circuits in the image below.  The output voltage regulation will be worse on the output that is not connected directly to the FBX pin divider, but that will generally not be a problem if the rail with the worse regulation is used to power an op-amp.  I like to use the WE-FLEX line of transformers by Wurth Electronics. 

    LT8330 DS inverting_1.png

    You can also consider using a coupled inductor only for L1B and L1C for the LT8330 circuit you cite - shown below.  It should not be necessary that all three inductors are coupled.

    LT8330 DS positive and negative_1.png

    Also consider the LTM8049.

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