Push pull with unbalanced outputs


I have to develop a push-pull with two outputs (+V, -V) where the feedback is at the positive output and the negative output is uncontrolled.

input voltage range is 10V...20V

frequency at the transformer is 100kHz

output voltage range is ±20V...±220V

load varies from 6MΩ to 6kΩ per output.

transformer turn ratio is 25.

I build a prototype where the LC filter at each output is 1mH,2μF.

I notice that when I load the controlled output +V with 6kΩ and the uncontrolled -V output is connected to 6MΩ

the controlled output remains at 200Volt (because I set the working point a 200V) but the uncontrolled output goes to a very high voltage (250V ...500V).

Can someone help me and explain this fact ?

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