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How to compensate for loop response of poly-phase operation with any uModules?



For example, when we design 8-phase operation with four LTM4678 how to check the loop response by Frequency Response Analyzer? 

What about 4-phase operation with two LTM4646?




  • Hello Hiroyuki,

    LTpowerCAD can be used to help design the compensation network for any uModule including LTM4678 and LTM4646.

    After LTpowerCAD is downloaded,

    1. Click "supply design" button

    2. Type in converter specifications, such as input/output voltage, number of the output rail (one for multiphase operation), number of the parallel phases, output current etc.

    3. Type in part number and click Go

    4. A multiphase template for desired module would be appeared.

    5. Entry in the output capacitors used and others if in blue box when needed. 

    6. Click loop Comp & Load transient

    7. Phase margin and cross over would be appeared for your selected values

    or can use the recommended case to see if these loop gain response match your requirements.

    8. After checking loop gain performance in LTpowerCAD, you can use these values in your hardware.

    Let us know this is OK with you or you can send me your email and I can create a template at

    your specified test condition for your reference.