LT4275 cannot deliver power above 30W eventhough designed for LTPoE++

Hi, I am working design an LTPoE++ PD which require 90W power. I am using LT4275 as PD controller, Normal bridge, with a controller. The goal is making an led driver powered by PoE. Even though the circuit is designed for LTPoE++ standards, power will shut down after 30W. Checked the waveform, looks like it is working with type-2. I can`t drive led of 36V,1A with this at maximum output.   Pse got shutting down around 0.8A(voltage around 36V).   Even though Rcls(49.9ohm) and Rcls++ (118ohm) selected correctly, it is not providing sufficient output.PSE using is capable of providing up to 60W. Attached the circuit diagram. Designed based on the DC2125 circuit diagram. Please give us some suggestions to rectify the same.

Note:R51 (value=10K) not connected in actual).


Detect and class signaling waveform:

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