LTC3105 minimum power required for startup


What is the minimum power required for startup for the LTC3105? The datasheet shows a minimum startup voltage of 0.25V typical (0.4V max), but gives no indication of current/power requirements to move from startup to normal operation. In fact I couldn't find anything relating to the minimum current/power requirements for the source. The only reference I found was in the applications section where it states under the industrial current loop example:

"In this application, a large input capacitor is required due to the very low available supply current (less than 4mA)"

This suggests that a typical application should be supplying tens of milliamps and that the IC is not suitable for microwatt type applications (e.g. small single cell PV). Is this the case? I understand the ADP5091 (which provides detailed cold start power requirements in the datasheet) is aimed more at ultra low power sources, but I'd like to know where the cutoff is for the LTC3105.


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