LTC 4015 Problem

I have a problem getting the LTC4015 Charging the battery. It is initially configured to charge 12.2V Lead Acid Battery
(CELL2 - L; CELL1 - H; CELL0 - Z; // CHEM1 - H; CHEM0 - L // 6 cell, Lead Acid Programmable) MPPT Pin - Low. NTC is simulated with two 10k resistors. The gerber and Schematic of LTC4015 on my board  is equal to demo board DC2039A and RsnsI is equal to 3 mOmh instead RsnsB is equal 8 mOhm. During the charging, the current reaches 4 A, Absorb CC, but, often, when Vbatt reaches to 13.2 Volt, the current falls to zero and LTC4015 misses the last phases (Absorb CV charge and CV_CC_Charge).  I try to reset the charger, removing Vin, but this problem reappears. However, Max_ABSORB timer is not equal to zero but is 5400 s and Charger_status, when the problem appears, is in Absorb phase.

What could be my problem?

Thanks in Advance.