LT1683 strange behavior on gate drive

Hello I'm develop

a low noise push-pull with LT1683.

I observe that when voltage on CS pin 4

go over 100mV, LT1683 turns on GATE-A and GATE-B simultaneously

causing short circuit.

Vin and GCL are tight together at 15Volt.

I use 5pF to CAP-A, CAP-B and MOS drain (15Volt is also the switching voltage at the transformer input).

SS capacitance is 100nF.

RT is 16.9k and CT 560pF to obtain 230kHz.

RVSL is variable from 3.9k to 23.9k.

RCSL is variable from 22.6k to 42.6k.

Can someone help me ?

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