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LTC5599 cannot controlled by program

parameter       Reg00_1  =     {7'd0,1'b0,8'h6C};//120MHz

parameter       Reg01_2  =     {7'd1,1'b0,8'h84};

parameter       Reg02_3  =     {7'd2,1'b0,8'h80};

parameter       Reg03_4  =     {7'd3,1'b0,8'h80};

parameter       Reg04_5  =     {7'd4,1'b0,8'h80};

parameter       Reg05_6  =     {7'd5,1'b0,8'h10};

parameter       Reg06_7  =     {7'd6,1'b0,8'h50};

parameter       Reg07_8  =     {7'd7,1'b0,8'h06};

parameter       Reg08_9  =     {7'd8,1'b0,8'h00};

The value of the emulation waveform and the register can be one pair. As long as the EN pin is pulled high, the mixer can work normally, but other performances remain unchanged by changing the value of the register. The peripheral pins of the mixer are also detected. And all are normal. But I don't understand why I can't control it. Please advise ~ Thank you