Want proper part with design

We are under development of some medical related products. In one product we are developing a Buck-Boost circuit , in it we want to use your products. It is a power Pack , In it we are using Lion battery of 11.1 V 5.2 Amp, we want a output of 12 V and 7 Amp (Peak Current), Load on this battery pack is a device having specifications 12 V , 7 Amp(Peak Current) current is contentiously varying from 0.2 Amp to 7 Amp so we want to develop a Buck Boost circuit to manage it. Input to this circuit will be of Lion Battery (8v To 13 V) want output 12 V constant, 7 Amp and 5 V 1 Amp. Load is inductive type (It is a blower work on 12V)

As we find the IC LTC3780 suitable for our application and ref design is of 12 V 5 Amp, So  according to our application please suggest suitable part and ref design for 12 V 7 Amp

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