LT4320 Voltage Range


May i know what is the maximum AC range of LT4320? 

Based on the typical application of this part the LT4320 is mainly design in 24V AC and line to line of 48v RMS voltage circuit design. 

So i would need to double confirm on this case. 

Thank you.



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    on Oct 1, 2018 5:02 PM

    Hi Wong,

    LT4320 has an 80V absolute maximum operating voltage. For a single-phase AC input, an 80 peak voltage (Vpk) means a maximum input of 56.5V VAC (VRMS). 48VAC (RMS) has a peak voltage of 68V which does not exceed the voltage ratings of the LT4320. I recommend you keep the voltage below 56VAC (RMS) or provide a voltage clamp or other protection to prevent voltages from exceeding 80V.

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