LTC3526 Startup Issues

I am having some trouble with the LTC3526B-2 at startup. The circuit is designed for a 3V DC input (2 @ AA batteries) and a 5V DC output. When a load is applied (approx. 50 mA), the regulator is starting to a low voltage (about 2V). I find I can get it to start to 5V by ramping the input voltage up slowly (turning the knob on the power supply manually) or sometimes by increasing the input voltage to about 4.5 V and then turning down to 3V. 

We have used this part for AA batteries before, and not had this issue. I am in the process of determining the differences if any between our current project and previous projects.

Does anybody have any experience with this particular failure, and any advice on how to ameliorate it? 

Thank you in advance,


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