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Question about LT1512



I have two questions about LT1512. Please take care of this case.

1) What is the shut down voltage to disable LT1512? Is it 1.3V typ written in the data sheet?

2) How does LT1512 work when removing a battery while it is being charged? The LT1512 works normally as no load condition?



  • Yes, the shutdown threshold at S/S is 1.3V, typical.  When the voltage at S/S is below the shutdown threshold, the part will be disabled.

    If a cell is being charged, and it is removed, the voltage will rise to the maximum charging voltage set by the resistor divider to the FB pin.  Note, however that when the cell is removed, there may be overshoot from the control loop which may cause the voltage to reach a higher value, and with no load it is possible that the transient overvoltage will decay slowly.  You should be able to minimize this effect with proper control-loop compensation.

  • Hi,

    One more question. LT1512 can work normally if a load is connected to its output always? A battery and the load are connected to its output. The load almost does not needs power. (less than 1mA)



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