LTC2954 application (Period, Temperature)

We have a request for Embedded PC application.
For not mistrigger the EC, need a pushbuttom to control the period of startup and shut down.
The sequence is showed below,
Pushbuttom startup during period->EN high DC-DC->Trigger EC->PC startup

From LTSpice result, it seems EN will follow PB trigger low and change the state
Can we set over 6.4 second application which is over 1uF on ONT and PDT? Like 10 second, 8 second?
And do we have 125C high temperature version IC?

Thanks a lot !

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    on Sep 18, 2018 4:46 PM

    The EN pin has an inbuilt delay of 32ms. You can add additional turn on debounce delay via an optional cap connected to ONT pin and this cap can be more than 1uF. Similarly, PDT pin has inbuilt delay of 64ms and you can add additional delay by adding a cap on the PDT pin. This part is rated to work at maximum of 85C ambient temp. We do not have a part that works at 125C.