LTC3784 150V/600W application

Hi All,

I try to design a 150V/4A DD convertor from a 58V DC source by using LTC 3784, my question is can I just remove high side MOSFET and replace a schottky dioe, or anything shall I modify?


David Yu

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  • Hi Victor,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm a senior designer of E-yang electronics.

    The products is E-motor charger for a Taiwan Motorcycle company. (KME).

    Annual q'ty is classified, design in phase now.

    Yes I changing to 3862-2x2 for 120V5A output application.

    A new issue happened, a serious current oscillating on input when loaded, but input voltage/output voltage/output current keeping stable.

    Any suggestion  for solution or comment of the root cause?


    David Yu