Is it possible to use an external spread spectrum clock for LT8361 (and LT8364) case?


LT8361 has provision for feeding in an external clock (MODE/SYNC pin), and also a pin to set a fixed frequency clock with a set resistor (RT pin). I would like to feed in a spread spectrum clock to the MODE/SYNC pin to try to spread noise out over a greater frequency range and I would like to know what should be done with the RT pin in this case as I cannot tell from the datasheet (see )

Same question for LT8364 ( )

I know that should be possible for LT8650S (; see page 23. "A synchronizing signal that incorporates spread spectrum may reduce EMI."

I want to use LTC6909 to create various clocks with different phases but with spread spectrum ( )

Please advise in this regard, or if I have missed something in the datasheet please let me know. 


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