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LTC4079 input resistor

Hey everyone,

I have a power source providing a primary load with a lot of power, so like 300W(solar panel), the panel operates at 40V, from this source I'd like to pull a bit of power to charge a set of batteries.

The battery pack's charged voltage will be 16.4 volts, so the drop over the LTC4079 will be big ! This will definitely push the temp of the device and I don't wan that. to avoid this, I want to place a series resistor(as recommended by the datasheet)

To spec the resistor, I'd like to know what the input current to the device is so I can determine the resistors required power dissipation? I might be missing it from the datasheet.

I wanted to use this energy harvester as the panel will be at MPPT and if a considerable amount of current is drawn it wouldn't be good for the panel.

Thanks in advance for any help!