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LTC3290 Fixed output voltage inside the input voltage variation range

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTC3290

for the LTC3290 is it possible to have the following configuration?

  • Vin between 10 and 14 V
  • Vaux of 5 V
  • Vout of 12 V

This in the standard boost charge pump, with:

  • Vset grounded
  • R1=44.2K
  • R2=486K

The rule of

Vin + Vaux ≥ Vout + Rol * Iout

would be satisfied (Iout<50mA), but I don't understand if there are some other constraints to be respected.

Thank you in advance.


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This should be doable.

I suggest getting a demoboard and reworking the demoboard to meet your design.

I also suggest reading the datasheet pages 8-11 to help you with your design.