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SEPIC Cuk Design Using LTC1871

Category: Software
Product Number: LTC1871

Please Consider following diagram:

Here, +/-12V is generated from 5-12V input from which I have two questions:

1. Can I use Coilcraft MSD / MLD Series or Bourns SRF Series (eg SRF7030A-XXX) Coupled Inductors to generate dual supply?

2. I have used many SEPIC Converter ICs but always seem to find that on load greater than 100mA they have poor line regulation with output voltage decreasing (with decreasing input voltage) even if duty cycle is less than 70%. I wanted to design +/- 5.5V at 100mA from 2.7-4.5 input. On paper and simulation, this works very well but actually below 4V we do not get stable output. Is it possible that I use a pre-boost circuit to create 5V which are then separately fed to Coupled inductors (L1 in figure) along with 2.7-5V input for IC? Or there is a problem with my design I does not seem to handle? 

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