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LTM8067 strange behaviour

Hi everyone!

I have faced strange behaviour of one of four LTM8067 in my scheme. I have two channels(ch1 and ch2) in my design, each has 2 ltm8067: one for 5.0V output and one for 3.3V output. With LTM8067 for 5V0 out I have no problems at all, but one of 3.3V LTM8067 performs unusial: it has 2.4Vout instead of 3.3V as defined via 11.8k resistor on FB pin. Also I see huge pulsations on output voltage of this LTM8067.

Maybe there is some characteristic of LTM8067 I've missed out that can cause such problems?

  • Hi- The 8067 should easily support that current at 3.3Vout and 28Vin. Are you sure of the load current? Does the load have a constant power or constant current characteristic that might cause the output to get 'stuck' on the way  up? Have you tried replacing that module?