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LT3798 - DC1817B cant open in ltspice


I tried to download the design files for the DC1817B from this link and when i tried to open the LTspice schematics it just gave me the following error code "Aborting: Unknown syntax: !PADS-POWERPCB-V9.5-BASIC! DESIGN DATABASE ASCII FILE 1.0 ". I have seen someone previously getting the same error code in the forums. It was adviced to go to "tools > sync release" however that did not solve the issue for me. 

I then tried to construct it myself using the schematics from the PDF where i might have stumbled onto a problem which makes me wanna check the original LTspice schematics even more. The design is supposed to give me 24V on the output and when im running the simulations it is taking a long time for the voltage to reach 24V. it first goes up to around 32V and slowly goes down towards 24V but even after 2 seconds of simulation it hasnt hit the 24V mark.

 Flyback Controller.asc

Here is my LTspice schematic including a LISN and i was following this pdf . It is currently without a filter which is because i wanted to see the EMI before and after.