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LT8616IFE failures

We use the device LT8616IFE to generate a 5.0V and 3.3V rail (drawing not more than 500mA from each supply. We have built approximately 30 of these boards and have seen about 10 with issues. About 4 of these have failed at the first power up (with low current limits set on the bench power supplies) and the remainder within the first 20 power ups. The typical load on these are approximately 300mA each. Once damaged, we see that both outputs go out of regulation (measures the same as the input voltage) causing some of the devices to the rails to get damaged. All the ICs that do not fail at the first attempt has burnt marks at the top of the IC. 

Has anyone had issues with this device?

Would like to connect with a field applications engineer in New Zealand to further discuss our issue.  

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