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curreent sink with constant voltage


can a DCDC act as a sink?

The input to DCDC is 48V.

The output of DCDC is 24V, 2 Amps max.

But the load is connected between 48V and 24V, So the 24V is acting as reference or GND for load.

And then the GND of 48V and 24V is same as in non isolated DCDC.

Will DCDC support that?

Or i need something else?

  • Hi, we don't usually put the load across the input and output of the power supply. We only do this for regenerative loading wherein the output voltage is greater than the input voltage. If Vout<Vin, then Vo may not regulate to its intended level due to overvoltage protection inherent in the controller. May I know the intended application of this?