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ADP1607 reverse battery protection


I'm interested in using ADP1607 in a one cell NiMH project. I expect to have 100mA @ 3.3V on ADP1607 output.

When the reverse battery protection is shorted the device is working as expected. When the reverse battery protection (IRF7410) is active there are oscillations visible on Vin pin as shown below (@3ms):


Schematic is based on ADP1607 macromodel test fixture. I just added input protections and input capacitor. PWL file simulates one cell NiMH discharge.    

First question: Do you have an idea what is happening when U2 (IRF7410) is not shorted?

Second question: Is ADP1607 protected against reverse voltage?

Thank you in advance for your help on this.

Best regards,



  • Hello,

    After reviewing the data it seems that I'm too close the Vgs(th) limits. By setting gate voltage to a negative source instead GND there is no more oscillation. 

    I need to find another reverse voltage protection if the part is not protected by itself. 

    Please let me know your thoughts/suggestions about the second question: "Is ADP1607 protected against reverse voltage?". Thank you. 


  • Hi Benoît,

    On page 4 of the datasheet, the absolute maximum rating of Vin is from -0.3V to 3.6V. It is not protected beyond -0.3V. The same goes with the EN pin.