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LT3759 Excel Design Tool only calculates BOOST values no SEPIC specific calculation

Hello. Using ADI's LTpowerCAD II V2.7.2 I downloaded the Excel design tool for the LT3759 (see attached). The device is intended for both SEPIC and Boost converters however the design tool appears only to calculate values specific to a Boost converter. Do you have a tool for the LT3759 to calculate SEPIC values, specifically the coupled parallel inductor and recommended SEPIC capacitor value. I understand that the calculations are available in the datasheet however the excel tool is quick to calculate all the relevant values for various possible input conditions and output voltage and power requirements.

Thank You


  • Hi Leslie,

    Sorry for late reply. Unfortunately, the SEPIC excel tool is only available for ADI internal use. Do you have NDA with ADI so I can send you copy separately? If none, either you connect to local ADI FAE to help you with computation or you can send me SEPIC operating requirement so I can run the excel for you.

  • Hi,  I'm having a similar problem trying to use LT powerCAD to evaluate an existing Sepic coupled L design using the LT3757. When I load  LT powerCad  I can see an LT3757(Sepic Coupled L) Excel Design tool in a row in the search.  How can I setup an NDA to get the Sepic design tool spreadsheet?

  • Please connect to local ADI sales personnel.