ADP2370 (LFCSP_WD) to DIP + 8 DSBGA to DIP

Hello everybody!

Recently, I was interested in ADP2370 IC, but since I had never worked with it and since I am kind of an amateur newbie, I wanted to try it fist, but unfortunately could not find any adapter, to fit it into a common breadboard. Just to try different parts etc. So I decided to make one myself. I just want to share it with everybody in order someone needs it. I have just ordered them to be done in ITEAD ($10 for 10 boards), so haven't tried yet, but hope it works. Also, on the same board I included the DSBGA to DIP adapter, just since they may be needed also. So I include Gerber files, just if somebody needs, feel free to use.
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    on Jun 19, 2013 11:11 PM


    thanks for sharing your work.

    Be cautious on doing prototyping with switch mode power supplies, these circuits are very layout dependent due to the high di/dt and to perform well the input cap, inductor and output caps need to be carefully placed near the IC.

    This makes standard breakout board somewhat unusable for SMPS.

    We recommend you order one of the populated EVAL boards or one of the ADIsimPower blank boards

    This is the tool for the ADP2370: ADP237x Buck Regulator Design Tool (Version: 1.22 Size: 5.79 MB)

    We can send blank boards for quick prototyping on most ADI power
    parts for free (just click on the order blank board from inside the
    downloadable tool after you have run your design scenario)

    There are companies out these selling LFCSP/QFN break out boards
    but these are good for MCUs or digital part, not for SMPS.

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